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What should we pay attention to when using glasses? How to distinguish crystal from glass

2020-11-21 15:37:57

Glass is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material which is widely used and widely used at present. It can be used in the fields of architecture, daily use, art, instrument and so on. In addition to the commonly used tempered glass, printed glass, there are optical glass, dimming glass and other types of high technical requirements. In this article, we will introduce the distinction between crystal and glass, and focus on the precautions for the use of glass.

1、 What should we pay attention to when using glasses

Crystal glass is also a kind of glass, the main component is silica, but lead, barium, zinc, titanium and other substances are introduced into it. Because this kind of glass has high transparency and refractive index, its appearance is bright and clean, so it is called crystal glass. A simple way to distinguish crystal glass from soda lime glass is to tap the back, and the crystal glass will make a crisp and pleasant metal sound, But the general sodium calcium cup cannot compare

If you think it's too troublesome, it's better to clean the cup immediately every time you use it. You should clean it at least once a day. You can wash it before going to bed at night, and then dry it. When cleaning the cup, not only the mouth, but also the bottom and wall should not be ignored. Especially the bottom, if you don't clean it often, it may precipitate a lot of bacteria and dirt, Moreover, it is easy to absorb harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, it will bring harmful substances into the body. Therefore, the lipstick left at the mouth of the cup must be cleaned. It is not enough to simply wash the cup with water. It is recommended to use a brush. In addition, as the important component of detergent is chemical synthetic agent, it should be used carefully, If you want to clean the cup with a lot of greasy, dirt or tea dirt, you can squeeze toothpaste on the brush and brush it back and forth inside the cup

2、 How to distinguish crystal from glass

There are also obvious differences between true and false natural crystals in the following aspects:

(1) The color distribution of natural purple crystal is uneven, irregular flake distribution, with gas-liquid inclusion; the color of synthetic purple crystal is uniform, and there are sub nuclei in the center

(2) Natural crystal also has some colors, such as topaz and smoky crystal. If it is blue and orange, it is artificially modified. The difference between the color modified crystal and natural crystal is that the color of the color modified crystal is bright and uniform, in which there is no irregular sheet color group. After a little longer using time, the artificial color modified crystal printing will slowly fade, and lose its decorative and appreciation value

(3) Looking at the sun, natural crystal ornaments, no matter how high, can see light even and small horizontal grain or catkin like texture, while fake crystal ornaments are generally made of defective crystal slag or glass melting and renewal, and polished and colored imitation, but can't see even stripe and catkin like texture to the sunlight

(4) In the sun, natural crystal jewelry can radiate beautiful luster no matter from any angle, but fake water jewelry does not

(5) The refractive index of natural crystal is 1.54; the refractive index of pseudocrystal is small, generally less than 1, or far related to the refractive index of natural crystal

(6) The hardness of crystal is 7 degrees, second only to diamond, corundum, topaz and other three minerals. Traces can be drawn on glass and metal with crystal, but counterfeit products do not have this quality

(7) The relative density of crystal is 2.60 ~ 2.66 (the relative density of glass is 2.5 ~ 2.8), which is heavier than that of agricultural production system glass

(8) The crystal is cold and cool. At the same low temperature, the crystal is cool to the bone. If you lick it with your tongue, you will feel more cold. If you lick the fake glass, you will not feel this

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Quartz crystal is a colorless and transparent large quartz crystal mineral. Its main chemical composition is silica, and its chemical formula is SiO2. Crystal is colorless, purple, color, green and smoke, glass luster, transparent to translucent. The crystal has a density of 2.56-2.66 g / cm3 and a refractive index of 1.544-1.553, almost within this range. The crystal has a dispersion of 0.013 and a melting point of 1713 ℃. When it is pure, it will form colorless and transparent crystals. When it contains trace elements such as Al and Fe, it will be purple, color and tan. After irradiation, trace elements will form different types of color centers and produce different colors, such as purple, color, tan and pink. The inclusions containing associated inclusion minerals are called inclusion crystals, such as hair crystals, green ghosts, etc., and the inclusions are rutile, tourmaline, actinolite, mica, chlorite, etc.

Wine Glass

A wine cup, an implement for drinking. Ancient Chinese wine cups: bottle, cup, cup, Dou, drink, Bai, Chen, cup ladle, Gong, etc. Most of the basic types are straight or open, and the diameter along the opening is almost equal to the height of the cup. Relevant data show that the earlier ceramic wine cups were produced in Dawenkou Culture period of Neolithic Age in China.


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