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Crystal glass or ordinary glass? How to choose crystal glass?

2020-11-21 15:56:54

Some more concerned about the glass industry friends may often see crystal glass. Crystal glass has superior performance and many advantages, which can meet various needs. In order to help you understand the advantages of crystal glass, we have compiled this article and taught you how to choose crystal glass.

1、 Crystal glass or ordinary glass?

First of all, borosilicate glass is different from crystal glass. If your glass is written with borosilicate, it is borosilicate glass, not crystal glass

High boron glass is lead-free, safe and stable, with high strength and high temperature resistance. Now there are many glass pots and plates used in the kitchen. These are made of high boron glass

Crystal glass was originally made by dissolving silicon and lead oxide together. Because lead is toxic, now it is basically replacing lead with other materials, such as potassium oxide and barium oxide. However, adding lead can make crystal look brighter and more transparent, so many manufacturers use lead as raw material, but it is mostly used in industry, decoration and other industries

You can tap and listen to it. If it's crisp and has the feeling of metal impact, it's crystal

2、 How to choose crystal glass

Crystal glass, glass cup, usually raw material is high borosilicate glass, after more than 600 degrees of high temperature firing, it is a new type of environmental protection tea cup, more and more favored by people

1. Fine workmanship, not rough. That is, the glass inside and outside the glass, not rough, no impurities, to the kind of very pure glass is good

2. When buying a glass, you should pay attention to whether there are cracks on the outside of the glass. Watch carefully, otherwise, once there are cracks, the glass will leak easily and break easily

3. Ask if there is a smell. In fact, the general smell of plastic is very big, glass cups generally do not have a smell, some may have a little taste, but wash it with hot water, and use it twice, it will be gone

4. Watch the thickness of the glass. Some people like the thinner one, while others like the thicker one. It all depends on personal preference

5. Be careful when choosing and have a good look

flower receptacle

Glass is a kind of cup whose raw material is glass. Usually, the raw material is high borosilicate glass, which is fired at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. It is a new type of environmental protection tea cup. The glass is divided into double-layer glass and single-layer glass. Its production process is different. The double-layer glass is mainly suitable for the needs of advertising cup. The logo of the company can be printed on the inner layer for promotional gifts or gifts, and the heat preservation effect is more outstanding.


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