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What are the benefits of a glass?

2020-11-12 11:10:43

1、 The benefits of glasses are as follows!

1. Beautiful: high transparency, beautiful in the cup, smooth surface, wear resistance, not easy to change color and fade;

2. Materials: the glass is usually made of high borosilicate glass, which does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process;

3. Hygiene: glass is not easy to dissolve and can be used to hold any drink. It can hold 100 ℃ hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other drinks. It can resist the erosion of malic acid and has no peculiar smell;

4. Temperature resistance: high temperature resistance. High temperature does not melt, does not deform.

5. Not easy to keep, fragile;

6. Not easy to carry and transport;

7. It should not be used when children are alone;

8. The substance which is transparent and has chemical reaction with light is not easy to be stored in the glass;

9. The performance of heat insulation is poor;

10. It is easy to crack when it is cold and hot.

2、 How to choose glasses

Ordinary glass is mostly made of high-temperature silicon. It is made of high boron heat-resistant glass with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. As a green glass material, the cup is crystal clear, moist and elegant. It is a good partner for making tea and drinking water.

3、 The key points of choosing glasses

1. The material quality should be pure: if the glass material is not pure, there will be lines, bubbles or sand on the glass drinking utensils.

These bubbles and debris, according to the national standards, have certain requirements. If they do not meet the standards, they will pose a threat to users. For example, after adding hot water, the bubble will be in the glass, which will affect the heating of the whole glass. It is very likely that the bubble will crack. Suppose that when you drink hot water, the cup suddenly cracks. Is this experience terrible?

"Striation" - striation on the surface of the glass. Coarse lines can be felt by hand, and fine lines can only be seen by facing the light.

"Bubble" refers to the small cavity formed in the glass body by wrapping air. According to the formation reasons, it can be divided into material bubble and operation bubble. The bubble is deep inside the glass and looks like a small circle from the outside. Operation bubble is relatively exposed, some such as fish eye bulge, gently a poke will pierce, some like fruit on the small scar is also easy to layer by layer peeling.

"Sand" - refers to the white granular silica sand embedded in the glass body without melting, and also generally refers to other granular impurities. When the sand is embedded in the thick bottom or covered by the drawing color, it is difficult to find. Because the composition of sand and glass is different and the expansion coefficient is different, the sand will be separated from the glass body at the slightest collision, resulting in glass cracking. Sometimes, although there is no collision, because of the temperature change, the sand will also separate from the glass body, causing the glass to burst automatically.

2. Logo trademark: whether it is a regular manufacturer, or whether the company has a special trademark, whether it supports bar code (one of the standards for shopping malls).

3. Appearance: it should be smooth, transparent, beautiful, without cracks, scratches and dirt; the cup body should be smooth, without burrs damaging the skin; there should be no bubbles and stains in the cup body; the oil seal pattern and handwriting on the cup body should be clear and beautiful.

4. No peculiar smell: pour hot water into the cup cover and the cup, and smell it without peculiar smell.

5. Temperature change resistance: no leakage, crack, damage and other defects affecting the use when pouring boiling water.


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