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What are the precautions for glass use?

2020-11-12 11:21:32

1、 Precautions for glass use

1. Clean the glass with a soft cloth and warm water.

2. In order to avoid the cup body scratches affect the appearance, do not use rough metal ball to wipe.

3. When the glass is filled with boiling water, the water level should not be too full, so as not to overflow when making tea.

4. Do not put the glass into the microwave oven, disinfection cabinet and other high-temperature appliances for direct heating.

5. Children should use it with caution to prevent articles from falling or scalding themselves.

2、 Glass cleaning and maintenance

It's best to clean the glass cup immediately every time it's used up. If it's too troublesome, it should be cleaned at least once a day. It can be cleaned before going to bed at night, and then dried.

When cleaning the cup, not only the cup mouth, but also the bottom and wall should not be ignored, especially the bottom. If you don't clean the cup often, you may deposit a lot of bacteria and dirt.

It's not enough to wash the cup simply with water. It's better to use a brush. In addition, as the important component of detergent is chemical synthetic agent, the use should be careful, and attention should be paid to rinse with clean water. If you want to clean the cup stained with a lot of greasy, dirt or tea dirt, you can squeeze toothpaste on the brush and brush back and forth in the cup. As there are both detergents and very fine friction agents in the toothpaste, it is easy to wipe off the residual substances without damaging the cup body.

Special reminder: Women's lipstick will stick to the cup when drinking water. Lipstick not only contains chemical components, but also easily absorbs harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, it will bring harmful substances into the body, so the lipstick left at the mouth of the cup must be cleaned.

If you choose a qualified glass, it not only looks good, but also can brew all kinds of drinks without worrying about corrosion or chemical composition precipitation like a plastic water cup at high temperature. It is almost a perfect choice for drinking.

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