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How to make various shapes with glasses? What are the different categories of glasses

2020-11-12 16:25:51

Glass has been widely used in modern times, and it has always been a product with large market demand. Through the specific treatment method, we can not only make full use of the characteristics of glass, but also make up for its shortcomings, no longer subject to the natural properties of glass. For example, laminated glass can not only heat insulation, but also debris will not splash to hurt people, so it is safe and reliable. Next, we will introduce how to use glass to make various shapes, as well as the different classifications of glass.

1、 How to make various shapes with glass

Nowadays, most glasses are mechanically blown.

(1) Blowing method

This method is mainly used for small bottle cutting, vacuum assisted molding can also be used for EF type column machine preliminary mold.

The so-called blowing method is to blow once in the primary die to form the mouth, blow into the prototype, and then transfer it to the forming die for secondary blow molding.

(2) Rotary blowing method

Continuous rotation when blowing bubbles.

In the rotary blow molding process, the vacuum suction method is used. The liquid glass is sucked out of the block, sheared and dropped into the mold. The rotating shaft claw will quickly clamp and rotate to complete a series of actions such as blowing. This method is suitable for manufacturing large-scale instruments.

(3) Belt blowing method

Through the liquid flow feeding, the liquid glass continuously flows out from the leakage hole, and is rolled into a strip by the roller, and then bubbles are formed on the transmission chain by the self weight and air blowing, and the rotary forming die is closed for blow molding.

The blowing belt method is mainly used in the production of spherical shells and tea cups, with great production capacity. It was first invented by Corning Glass Company of the United States and applied to industrial production. Almost all cooking utensils developed by Corning Glass Company in the future use this principle. "

(4) Pressure blowing method

The dropping material is pressed into the forming mouth in the primary mould, and then sent into the forming mould for blow molding.

Pressure blow molding is easy to make the wall thickness of products evenly distributed. Therefore, in addition to the production of wide mouth bottles and other insulating glass products, some factories also use this method to produce small mouth bottles.

2、 What are the different categories of glasses

Structure classification

Glass is divided into double-layer glass and single-layer glass. The production process is different. Double glass is mainly used for advertising cup. Company logo can be printed on the inner layer, used for promotional gifts or gifts, insulation effect is more prominent.

Material classification and Application

Crystal glass, glass, office glass, glass mouth glass, tailless glass, tailless glass. The holding time of the cup with tail is shorter than that of the vacuum cup. Tailless cup is a kind of vacuum cup with long holding time.


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