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How to remove the peculiar smell of new glass

2020-11-12 16:34:52

There are many kinds of glasses, which play an important role in various industries. In addition to the hollow glass and laminated glass used for making doors and windows, we have many kinds of artistic decorations, such as hot melt glass, relief glass, etc. These glass products have their own characteristics and can be used in various occasions. To learn how to remove the odor of new glass, the specific process of industrial glass production, please read.

1、 How to remove the smell of new glass

Method of deodorization of milk: first clean with detergent, then pour two soup of fresh milk into plastic cup with key, cover it, shake well, make every corner of the cup contact with milk for about 1 minute, then pour out milk, clean cup

Deodorization method of orange peel: first wash with detergent, then put fresh orange peel in, cover it, and then rinse it in 3-4 hours after amplification

Soak in brine for 30 minutes. It is suggested that the boiled water should be mixed with the edible salt first, and then soaked in the ceramic ware for half an hour. After half an hour, rinse it with water

Wash with soda. Mix a small amount of soda with a basin of water and immerse the plastic cup in the alkali solution, which can also remove the odor of the plastic cup

If the above method still does not remove the taste of the lid, it is recommended to buy a new cup

2、 The specific technology of glass in industrial production

The glass production process mainly includes:

① Raw material pretreatment. The large raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed and dried to remove the iron bearing raw materials to ensure the quality of glass.

② Batch.

③ Melt. The glass batch is heated at high temperature (1550-1600 degrees) in the tank or furnace to form a uniform, bubble free liquid glass, which meets the molding requirements.

④ Forming. Put liquid glass into the mold to make the glass products of the desired shape, such as flat plates, various utensils, etc.

⑤ Heat treatment. By annealing, quenching and other processes, the internal stress, phase separation or crystallization of glass are eliminated or produced, and the structure state of glass is changed.


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