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What is the reason for bubbles in glass production?

2021-03-19 17:53:03

In the process of glass production, bubbles will be produced, which will affect the quality of products and bring some losses to the manufacturers. So how did bubbles form? In fact, this problem has a lot to do with the ingredients in production.

1. Primary air bubble: the defects of primary air bubble are caused by uneven size of quartz sand particles in Glass Batching, insufficient amount of clarifier, single gas phase of batching, too low feeding temperature of batching and broken glass, too low melting and clarification temperature, etc.

2. Boundary bubble: the gas contained in the gap between the powder and the broken glass and the gas adsorbed on the surface of the broken glass are introduced into the double-layer glass. These gases should be discharged under certain melting conditions. But in reality, they stay in the glass more or less, causing bubbles.

3. Bubbles caused by iron: if iron is contained in the ingredients, the carbon contained in iron interacts with the residual gas in the glass, exhausting the gas and forming bubbles in the glass.

4. Aggregate stone: aggregate stone is an unmelted component particle, i.e. incomplete melted material residue. In most cases, the loading stone is quartz particles.

Therefore, the batching process is a very important step in glass production. Must be carried out in strict accordance with the correct mix proportion to ensure product quality and provide product qualification rate.


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